D.W. Waterson

D.W. Waterson

D.W. Waterson is the award winning director and creator of the white-hot series That’s My DJ. Recently winning Best Director at the New York Television Festival and Vancouver Web Fest as well as Best Canadian Web Series, Waterson was scouted and signed to GERSH agency.

Since founding Night is Y, Waterson has dedicated herself to uniting the talents of filmmakers, actors, and musicians to tell visually stunning, dynamic stories.

The graduate of Ryerson University’s School of Image Arts is also well-versed in the world of music. She is the creative force behind multiple music videos, directing for bands such as Princess Century, Featurette, For Esmé and Superpoze. A multi-faceted talent, Waterson also moonlights as hey! dw, one of Toronto’s most in-demand DJs known for her signature bouncy British beats and high-energy live drum solos.



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